Anchor Handling Towing Winch

Standard features include:

  1. Drive: Electric VFD or electro-hydraulic
  2. Configuration: Single, double or triple drum in side-by-side or waterfall arrangement
  3. Capacity: Up to 150Ton rated line-pull and 200Ton brake holding on first layer
  4. Brake: Hydraulic operated fail-safe type brake, with manual over-right
  5. Feature: Dynamic braking to facilitate high speed lowering
  6. Other functions: Wire spooling; chain gypsy guide; grooved drums and emergency release function



Design Specification

Model No. Drum Capacity Drum Pull  @ 1st layer Brake Holding Main Dimension( L x W x H)
HAHTW-WF-50B100 Dia. 38mm x 1000m SWR 50T x 0~6m/min 100Ton 4.7m x 3.4m x 2.8m
12T x 0~24m/min
HAHTW-WF-75B120 Dia. 42mm x 1000m SWR 75T x 0~8m/min 120Ton 5.1m x 4.0m x 3.3m
35T x 0~16m/min
HAHTW-WF-100B200 Dia. 56mm x 1000m SWR 100T x 0~6m/min 200Ton 5.2m x 4.0m x 3.3m
50T x 0~12m/min
25T x 0~24m/min
HAHTW-WF-150B200 Dia. 56mm x 1000m SWR 150T x 0~5m/min 200Ton 5.7m x 4.1m x 3.5m
100T x 0~7.5m/min
50T x 0~15m/min
20T x 0~30m/min
20T x 0~42m/min