Hydraulic Tugger Winch

Design Features

  1. Drive: Electric or electro-hydraulic motor
  2. Capacity: Up to 20Ton line pull and brake of up to 100Ton on first layer
  3. Brake: Manual or hydraulic type
  4. Clutch: Manual or hydraulic type


Design Specification

Model No. Rated Pull, 1st Layer Drum Capacity Brake Holding

Main Dimension

L x W x H

HTGW-SD-5B7.5 5 Ton x 15m/min 22mm x 250m 7.5 Ton 1.5m x 1.1m x 1.1m
HTGW-SD-10B15 10 Ton x 15m/min 24mm x 250m 15 Ton 1.9m x 1.4m x 1.4m