Fixed Boom Crane


  1. Suitable for general cargo, hose handling, offshore platform and support vessel lifting operations
  2. Open platform control console or air-conditioned cabin type control room
  3. Build in electro-hydraulic power pack
  4. Design to meet International Classification Societies approval and to API2C standard
  5. Crane can be custom build with Passive Heave or Active Heave Compensating (AHC)
  6. Optional features: Man Riding capabilities and Descon Scoop operation



Design Specification

Model No Lifting Capacity (T x m)

Min. Length

R (m)

Max. Length

R (m)

Pedestal Dia. OD  (mm)

Pedestal Height

H (mm)

Est. Power


FCRN40-2T8M 2T x 8m 2.7m 8m 920mm 1200mm 15kw
FCRN60-3T10M 3T x 10m 3.4m 10m 1020mm 1200mm 18.5kw
FCRN100-5T10M 5T x 10m 3.4m 10m 1270mm 1500mm 37kw
FCRN125-5T12M 5T x 12m 4.1m 12m 1420mm 1500mm 37kw
FCRN160-5Tx15M 5T x 15m 5.1m 15m 1620mm 1500mm 37kw
FCRN250-10Tx15M 10T x 15m 5.1m 15m 1820mm 1800mm 75kw
FCRN400-15Tx20M 15T x 20m 6.8m 20m 2020mm 1800mm 110kw
FCRN650-20Tx20M 20T x 20m 6.8m 20m 2260mm 1800mm 132kw
FCRN1300-25Tx25M 25T x 25m 8.5m 25m 2830mm 2000mm 160kw