Mooring Winch

Design Features

  1. Drive: Electric VFD or electro-hydraulic motor
  2. Configuration: Single or double drum in side-by-side or waterfall arrangement
  3. Capacity: Up to 125Ton line pull and brake of up to 200Ton on first layer
  4. Brake: Manual, hydraulic or pneumatic type
  5. Clutch: Manual, hydraulic or friction type
  6. Features: Dynamic disc type drag brake for free-wheeling pay out; load and length monitoring
  7. Classification: Design & approved in accordance to Circle P or Posmoor can be arranged


Design Specification

Model No. Drum Capacity Drum Pull  @ 1st layer Brake Holding Drag Brake Main Dimension ( W x L x H)
HMW-SD-40B90 Dia. 38mm x 1000m SWR 40Ton x 10m/min 90Ton 5Ton x 120m/min 3.1m x 3.1m x 2.2m
10Ton x 30m/min
HMW-SD-60B110 Dia. 42mm x 1000m SWR 60Ton x 10m/min 110Ton 5Ton x 120m/min 3.4m x 3.4m x 2.2m
16Ton x 30m/min
HMW-SD-85B150 Dia. 52mm x 1500m SWR 85Ton x 12m/min 150Ton 10Ton x 120m/min 4.4m x 4.6m x 2.6m
50Ton x 19m/min
28Ton x 32m/min
HMW-SD-125B200 Dia. 52mm x 1500m SWR 125Ton x 11m/min 200Ton 20Ton x 120m/min 4.7m x 4.9m x 2.8m
75Ton x 16m/min
38Ton x 32m/min