Stocks in Ubi Warehouse
Maker Description Model Part No Qty in Stock
Parker Amplifier Card PWD00A-400 8
Danfoss Display DP-200 1
Siemens PLC CPU 6ES7214-1HG40-0XB0 1
Scantrol A.S. Amplifier Card Icon-Prop 1
Danfoss Micro-controller MC 038 010 2
P-Q Controls Dual-axis Joystick 212PLUSS10S6363 1
P-Q Controls Amplifier Card 504S5NRSS4 1
ABB PLC Digital Input Module DI524 1
ABB Bus Module DC551-CS31 2
ABB Bus Module Base TU552-CS31 1
ABB PLC Digital Input/Output Module DC522 1
ABB PLC Analog Input Module AX521 1
ABB PLC Analog Input Module AX561 1
Parker Shuttle valve ZSRA1PP0Z07 1
OE Seal Kit SK230/80 1
Sun Hydraulics Counter Balance Valve CBEG-LJN 4
Sun Hydraulics Check Valve CXCD-XAN 1
Sun Hydraulics Relief Valve RDDA-LCN 2
Sun Hydraulics Relief Valve RVEA-LCN 1
Danfoss PVG32 Seal Kit (PVM/PVMD 32) 157B3999 1
Honeywell Pressure Sensor 250Bar MLH250BSL01B 1
MEAS Pressure Sensor 30Bar MSP-300-030-B-5-N-1 2000070 1
MEAS Pressure Sensor 175Bar MSP-300-175-B-5-N-1 2000182 3
Danfoss Plug for PVP Pump Side Module 155L5153 15
Kraus & Naimer 4 Position Cam Switch CA10 A231-600E 1
Brevini LS Flow Restrictor, for use with Spool HEAU004104700 6
Pheonix Contact RJ45 Connector 1658008 2
M12 Elbow Connector c/w 5m cable
BCC0318 2
P-Q Controls Joystick, Single Axis M115SL15S63 1
Balluff Proximity Sensor BES M18MI-PSC80B-S04K BES008M 6
Balluff Proximity Sensor BES M18MG-PSC16F-S04K BES0070 3
DEMEX Timer, 24-240v AC/DC 50/60Hz H3BA-8 1
OMRON 8-Pin Socket PF083A-E 1
Carlo Gavazzi 24v Relay RMIA21024VDC 40
MP Sensor Pressure Sensor 350Bar, 1/4″ NPT, 4-20mA, c/w 1 meter cable T08-T 31000006 1
Carlo Gavazzi Digital Meter LDI35 AV0.3.0.XX.IX 1
Hydac Pressure Sensor 400Bar, G1/4″ , 4-20mA, 4-pole Binder, 714 M18 male (Connector ZBE 02 or ZBE 03 must be ordered separately) HDA 4744-A-400-000 1
Bosch Rexroth Pressure Switch HEDE11A1-10/400K41G24/2/V R901141188 1
Danfoss Micro-controller MC 024 010 1
Eaton Vickers Seal Kit for PVH074 Pump 02-102262 1
ABB Digital Input Module DI524 1
ABB Digital Input/Output Module DC523 1
Parker Hannifin 24vDC Coil 517-00086-0 4
Parker Hannifin Valve Prop Press S-5 TS98 517-00095-0 2
Alish Digital Panel Meter GA6-DA6-C-R2NN 1
IME Panel Meter, 48mm, 4-20mA, 0-400Bar AN134M0001 1
Pepperl+Fuchs Switching Amplifier KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W 132960 1
Controsys Dimmer Card EDIM 50W 24V/2A 2
Balluff Proximity Sensor BES M12MG-PSC80F-S04G BES004N 3
Balluff Proximity Sensor BES M12MG-PSC80F-BV02 BES004M 4
Carlo Gavazzi Relay RMIA45230VAC 19
Hydac Flow Control Valve DV-08-01.4/0 705014 2
Schneider Electric Start/Stop Pushbutton ZB4BW7A3741 1
Schneider Electric Overload Relay LRD14 TeSys – 034681 1
Schneider Electric Magnetic Contactor, 40A, 230v LC1D40AM7 1
P-Q Controls Joystick, Single Axis M115-1290 1
Risesun Phase Failure/Phase Sequence/Under Volt./Over Volt. Monitoring Relay JVM-2 3
Balluff Proximity Sensor BES004M 12
Schneider Electric Yellow Station – 1 Red Mushroom Head Pushbutton Ø40 Turn to Release 1NC XALK174 1
Schneider Electric Overload Relay LRD14 1
Schneider Electric Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker GV2ME07 2
Schneider Electric Undervoltage Release, Control Volt: 200-240 V AC EZEUVR200AC 1
Schneider Electric Single Contact Block with Body/Fixing Collar 1NO ZB4BZ101 4
Schneider Electric Orange Light Block with body/Fixing Collar, LED 24V, 1NO+1NC ZB4BW0B55 2
Schneider Electric Red Light Block with body/Fixing Collar, LED 24V, 1NO+0NC ZB4BW0G45 3
Schneider Electric Green Light Block with body/Fixing Collar, LED 24V, 1NO+1NC ZB4BW0B35 4
Schneider Electric E-STOP Guard ZBZ1605 1
Eaton Moeller 22mm Push Button c/w Indication LED, Green A22-EF, 254459 2
Eaton Moeller 22mm Push Button c/w Indication LED, Yellow A22-EF, 254459 5
Schneider Electric Red Flush Illuminated Pushbutton, 22mm ZB4BH043 1
Schneider Electric Green Flush Illuminated Pushbutton, 22mm ZB4BH033 5
Schneider Electric LED Lamp, 24VDC ZBV-B3 3
Schneider Electric LED Lamp, 24VDC ZBV-B5 2
Schneider Electric LED Lamp, 24VDC ZBV-B4 3
Schneider Electric NC Contact ZBE-102 8
Schneider Electric NO Contact ZBE-101 7
Schneider Electric Fixing Collar ZB4BZ009 8
Eaton Moeller Thermistor Overload Relay EMT6 1
Honeywell Pressure Sensor c/w 1M Cable MLH250BSL01B 5
Harting USB Har-port Connector 9454521902 1
Balluff Cable 15M c/w M12 Elbow Connector BCC04ZN 1
Schneider Electric / Telemecanique Pressure Switch XMLA300D2S11 2
Siemens RJ45 Connector 6GK1901-1BB10-2AB0 8
Weidmuller Terminal Block WDU 4 1020100000 100
Pheonix Contact Power Supply 24v 2904372 2
End Stopper 20
End Cover 20
KTR Rotex 55 1
KTR Rotex 65 1
KTR Rotex 75 1